Legal information:

Company name: UAB BONA FORTUNA

Company registration number: 304517368

Company VAT number: LT100010895711

Billing address: Mykolo Marcinkevičiaus g. 5-42, LT-08433 Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

Phone number: +370 678 60019

About us

Our company

Welcome to Big Mouth, place where your mouth gets what it needs.

Hello, we are Big Mouth, a company that is based in Lithuania, Europe. We are professionaly working and rising up for over 5 years. We are providing you the high quality aromas and e-liquids at our efficient, highest rank laboratory (including ISO 7 certified clean rooms.) that assures the quality of the final product. Our manufacturing components are sourced from trust-worthy suppliers. We use only Food Flavours, and have a specific technique to confirm that the proportions of concentrates and e-liquids in our product is extremely accurate.


We have an automated, modern warehouse with reliable, quality machinery keeping us always clear, and satisfying that everything is in their places, continuing to that we always have everything in stock. Automation helps to improve processes and the repeatability of creating a high quality product. At the warehouse we are always having a heavy quality control every day, meaning that:

  • We WEIGH every bottle, to make sure you get the exact amount that you want.
  • We CHECK every package, to assure you that everything will be delivered as it should.
  • We TEST every aroma, to make sure the flavor is at the highest quality.

After passing the accurate quality control we deliver our products to our warehouse, where we have an excellent improved stock management, by that we are saying that we always have everything on stock, products will always get you in order, and we are ready to take upon any challanges.

Delivery and Packing

Mostly we work with DHL .Before delivering we always reassure that you will get what you buy, packing services are extremely strict. We use high automated packing systems that count everything by percents.  We are using the highest quality boxes, we are using the precise
weigh computers, we mark what we get into the boxes, reassuring that the product is going to be safe and accurate.

Passing everything we wrote above - success through hard work. You get the highest quality product, checked twice, made with love, in a perfect,accurate, precise, secured packing way within the best prices.

We are always concerned about problems. We are always willing to help. We are always precise and sure of what are we doing, and of what are you getting.