Just Strawberry - Embark on a luscious journey down a crimson river, exploring a vibrant paradise where every corner is infused with the sweet, tangy essence of ripe strawberries, offering endless adventures and delightful discoveries.

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Just Strawberry - Set off on a captivating voyage along a sparkling red stream, leading you through a lush, strawberry-filled wonderland. Traverse fields of vibrant strawberry plants and meadows dotted with ripe, juicy berries, where each step unveils the sweet, tangy flavor of fresh strawberries. Discover hidden groves and strawberry-scented breezes, creating an unforgettable adventure filled with delicious surprises and delightful experiences.

Inside the package:
• 10 ml Flavor for DIY
• 12 ml Flavor for DIY
• 15 ml Flavor for DIY

• 30 ml Flavor for DIY

Big Mouth Flavor Concentrate:
• Excellent Quality Taste
• Big Mouth concentrate is made from PG base
• Flavor Concentrate should be mixed with PG/VG base
• Recommended for All Tanks
• Bottles with Child-Resistant Dropper Caps

Advised Big Mouth Concentrate dosage:
• With a base 70/30 of PG / VG: 8%
• With a base 50/50 of PG / VG: 10%
• With a base 30/70 of PG / VG: 12%
• With a Full VG base: 15%

Recommended steeping time: 3-7 days.