WATERMELON | TANGERINE | LIME a watermelon craving for attention. Enjoy this flavor cocktail alongside with your friends during the day or night. The combination is just outstanding. Once you try, you'll want more. So be prepared to provide plenty of refills for your adorable guests.

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WATERMELON | TANGERINE | LIME -The best mix of summer in your hands, anytime, anyplace, in any needs. A sappy watermelon will open your mind, a tangerine will make you remember some cold winter evenings and cozy nights, whereas and a lime will bring back all of your memories from your unforgettable parties youve been. Dont be shy, give it a try.

Inside the package:
• 10 ml Flavor for DIY
• 30 ml Flavor for DIY
• 30 ml Empty Mixing Bottle

Big Mouth Flavor Concentrate:
• Excellent Quality Taste
• Big Mouth concentrate is made from PG base
• Flavor Concentrate should be mixed with PG/VG base
• Recommended for All Tanks
• Bottles with Child-Resistant Dropper Caps

Advised Big Mouth Concentrate dosage:
• With a base 70/30 of PG / VG: 8%
• With a base 50/50 of PG / VG: 10%
• With a base 30/70 of PG / VG: 12%
• With a Full VG base: 15%

Recommended steeping time: 3-7 days.


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