Golden Orange -  From far away, a truly rich orange just for your day that has everything that a person needs for his special day. 

Recommended retail price: 12,90 EUR

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Golden Orange – There are a lot of fruits for you to choose, there are plenty of oranges all around the globe, there are juices that you think that are good. After this juice will get in your vaping device, all earlier statements will be denied forever. The perfect and the only juicy, fresh, newly picked golden orange is now available only in our assortment. Warning! Limited quantity. So grab them as fast as you can.

Composition: 70% VG, 30% PG


• Guaranteed without diacetyl, without paraben, without ambrox;
• Does not contain nicotine (0mg);
• Flavors crafted in USA;
• Product manufactured in Lithuania.

Inside the package:

• 50ml of Premium E-Liquid in 60ml bottle;
• 30ml Empty Mixing Bottle;
• 1 x BIG MOUTH Cloud Boost;
• 1 x BIG MOUTH Icy Boost;
• Instruction manual for the use of Cloud and Icy Boosters;
• Instruction manual for the use of nicotine boosters/shots with BIG MOUTH Liquids.
• BIG MOUTH Sticker.

ATTENTION: The product is high in VG and has very strong flavor - so that a user could experience full flavor with both boosters inside as well as a nicotine shot (or two shots to get 6mg nicotine). If the user wants to use it as it is with no boosters and no nicotine, he either needs to add some base to compensate for the missing boosters and then use it on any atomizer OR he will have to change the coil heads more often than usual.


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