Crazy Apples and peaches

Crazy Apples and peaches: Juicy and juicier candies!

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Crazy Apples and peaches -Everyone talks about peaches and oranges, but no one thought about this. Guess what? we tried and it's amazing. A mix of some mild and soft flavors of Juicy and juicier candies!

Inside the package:
• 10 ml Flavor for DIY
• 30 ml Flavor for DIY
• 30 ml Empty Mixing Bottle

Big Mouth Flavor Concentrate:
• Excellent Quality Taste
• Big Mouth concentrate is made from PG base
• Flavor Concentrate should be mixed with PG/VG base
• Recommended for All Tanks
• Bottles with Child-Resistant Dropper Caps

Advised Big Mouth Concentrate dosage:
• With a base 70/30 of PG / VG: 8%
• With a base 50/50 of PG / VG: 10%
• With a base 30/70 of PG / VG: 12%
• With a Full VG base: 15%

Recommended steeping time: 3-7 days.

Delicious Yes
Sweet No
Sour Yes
Refreshing No

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